about us

Award-Winning Pizza

What's in a name?

Our great-grandparents, Giovanni & Carmello Cerrone came to this country in the nineteen hundreds, through Ellis Island. As most Europeans at that time, they were in search of a better life. With them, they brought their culture, which was passed down from one generation to the next. We grew up making home-made pizza, pasta, and wine. Every child in the family had a job, no matter how small. They were very family oriented. We grew up with the passion of pizza so naturally we went back to where our passion began, in New York. We spent several months perfecting our unique pizza recipes back where our ancestors started. We perfected the art of pizza and are proud to bring the passion of pizza to Columbus. So when you visit Cerrone’s, you are eating pizza made by fourth generation Italian-Americans. Benvenuta a mi cucina!

Our Promise To You

Our goal is to not only make the best pizza you’ve had, but to do so in an authentic manner keeping the art of pizza intact through generations of passed down skills and techniques.